Thursday, December 20, 2012

Current Skiing Conditions

We all know the Colorado didn’t get the start to the ski season we had been hoping for. Not to worry though! As hoped, the snow has arrived. We’ve had up to 30 inches of the fluffy white stuff fall within the last two weeks! As a result, the skiing these past few days has been phenomenal! There are no lift lines, the sun has come out and the skiing is soft. Smiles abound from everybody luck enough to be here in Aspen, CO right now. Snowmass has opened up Coney Glades, the Big Burn, Sam’s Knob, Elk Camp, Alpine Springs and even High Alpine! Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands are both up and running, while Aspen Mountain has all regular lifts turning for the season! What this means is that we are now the winter season of 2012/2013 is now in full swing! Come and enjoy everything Aspen Snowmass has to offer – world class skiing and world class amenities! CafĂ© Suzanne at Snowmass has been completely rebuilt for this season, with the Merry-Go-Round at the midpoint of Aspen Highlands having undergone extensive renovations towards the end of last winter. These facilities are perhaps only outdone by The Sundeck at the summit of Aspen Mountain – It’s hard to think of another location that might be more scenic! Extensive views of the Elk Mountain Range, including the Highlands Bowl, Pyramid Peak and the world famous Maroon Bells linger in the background of every diners view. We hope to see you on the mountain! Photo courtesy of

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The snow is here!

It wouldn’t be a winter in the Colorado Rocky Mountains without snow! I know a lot of people have been questioning whether it would ever snow again, but the good news is that it has! At the time of writing there is only a light dusting outside the window, but we will welcome all new snow with open arms. Don’t forget that it’s a few degrees cooler at a couple of thousand feet higher up – in other words, a dusting down here in town translates to more favorable conditions up on the mountains! In more good news, it appears as though we’re going to be hit by a storm rolling through this weekend, and there’s a good chance of snow each day next week! At long last, the cooler temperatures are arriving and bringing with them the white fluffy powder that we all love! With several collective ski days under our belt thus far, the team here at The Innsbruck could not be more excited about this ski season! No, we don’t have as much terrain open as we would like. But it will open. Moreover, the terrain that is already open is in terrific condition. The snowmaking and grooming crews here at Aspen Snowmass are among the best, and they have been working around the clock to provide us with perfect corduroy and enough vertical to get the lungs hurting and the legs burning! If you want detailed weather forecasts for Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, we recommend Run by a couple of local skiers (who happen to be very good at forecasting weather), this website offers the most detailed forecast specifically for our four mountains. Translating boring weather patterns into exciting powder days, this website is definitely worth a look.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Get ski fit for the upcoming winter!!

Winter is almost here! That means you have all started booking your trips out to Aspen and are looking forward to doing it properly this year... You've told yourself you'll be as fit and ready as ever! Most people turn up and expect that their monthly workout will see them through. And it will. But those with the extra strength & conditioning training under their belt will be far better off... As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. The same applies for getting ready for ski season, although there are basic principles that apply across the board. Fitness is a big part of skiing - being able to enjoy a run from top to bottom without needing to stop and "admire the views" is a satisfying feeling. So make sure you're doing what you can to boost your cardio levels. Don't forget, especially for those of you coming from sea level, that Aspen's base elevation is 7,908 feet above sea level - the air carries less oxygen at this altitude, so don't be surprised to find yourself short of breath, regardless of conditioning levels. Strength workouts are also beneficial for both skiing and snowboarding. As with almost every sport (and life in general), a good strong core helps with athletic ability. So spend some time working off that paunch - besides, you want to look good when lounging at Sky Pool, don't you?? Leg workouts are extremely important too. Not only will strong quadriceps, hamstrings and calves keep you on the mountain from first chair to last call on those deep powder days we all crave, but they will help prevent injury & boost recovery time. Squats, lunges and wall-sits are all good exercises for boosting lower body strength. As always though, seek help from a professional if you are unsure of the proper technique. Stability and balance also play a key role when skiing and snowboarding, so be sure to include a variety of balance exercises while boosting your overall strength. And lastly, don't forget to stretch! Many professional skiiers and snowboarders are big advocates of yoga and other forms of stretching workouts. Flexibility helps with balance and keeping muscles loose, and will help you avoid sticky situations when caught out by the flat light days. Even 10 minutes of stretching in the morning will help boost blood circulation, focus the mind and boost energy levels. So on that note, go get ready for the season!! The more you do now, the better your days will be. Happy trails!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

American Lake and the Castle Creek Valley

Don’t wait. This is the weekend. We have it on good authority that the clouds currently enveloping Aspen will blow out by the weekend and we will be seeing the absolute peak of the fall colors in the Castle Creek Valley! For those not as familiar with our geography, the Castle Creek Valley lies just to the south-west of Aspen, and is easily accessible via Castle Creek Road (running from the roundabout right outside town). With incredible contrasts between Aspen groves and fir trees, and with Castle Creek at its heart, the Castle Creek Valley puts forward a strong argument as the hiking around Aspen. American Lake is the valley’s signature hike. At 3.2 miles each way, and covering nearly 2000ft in elevation gain, it is not for the faint of heart. You will, however, be justly rewarded. You will enter a large grove of Aspen trees, before emerging into a spruce forest and intermittent alpine meadows. The emerald green water of American Lake is the perfect spot for a packed lunch. For those preferring a more gourmet meal, the Pine Creek Cookhouse is located just a mile or two further up Castle Creek Road and will most certainly satisfy any hunger! They are open for lunch and dinner through October 7th.
Photo courtesy of SILBECL For more information, please go to the links below.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall - our favorite season??

The summer season is drawing to a close in Aspen. We’ve seen the end of the Aspen Music Festival and School. The Silver Queen Gondola is now running only on weekends. The Motherlode volleyball tournament came and went. And now, with the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day music festival over with for another year, the start of fall in Aspen has been signaled. We could not be more excited! Fall presents many opportunities for both visitors and locals alike in Aspen. A surreal peace washes over the town following the non stop hustle and bustle of summer. The crowds are thinner. The line outside Paradise Bakery becomes manageable. Restaurants are still humming along but not jam packed, often offering reasonably priced specials your wallet will thank you for. Your chances of finding a parking space in town are increased, although our complimentary guest shuttle can help you avoid that problem. The true attraction though is what is sometimes overlooked during the busier months – our stunning location in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains! The weather in fall is nigh on perfect here in Aspen. Sunny days kick off with a fresh start – what better way to start the day than a nice cup of coffee on a crisp mountain morning? Temperatures rise in proportion with the sun’s position in the sky, and all the activities that seemed a little unappealing in the heat of the summer months suddenly become far more attractive – tennis, cycling, hiking. And what hiking! The colors on display are nothing short of spectacular! I challenge you to not be amazed when you Google image “fall colors in Aspen”. I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the ground. Highly recommended are the Cathedral Lake and American Lake out-and-back hikes in the Castle Creek Valley – will full colors on display, these hikes will rival any you can think of. As the saying goes, “you come for the winter, but you stay for the summer”. Fall might just be more impressive than both of those seasons!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's in a name?

The Innsbruck hotel & residence club shares its name with a small city in western Austria. Although approximately 6 times larger than Aspen in terms of population, Innsbruck possesses many parallels to our small town, the most obvious being the surrounding mountains. Although Aspen sits at a much higher altitude, being 7908 feet above sea level compared to Innsbruck’s 1883 feet above sea level, the mountains surrounding Innsbruck are famed for their winter snow. Surrounding ski resorts include the Nordkette, Axamer Lizum, Seefeld and Stubai Valley. Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976, as well as the Winter Paralympics in 1984 and 1988. Innsbruck also played host to the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012. That’s some winter pedigree - It sounds like our four legendary mountains of Aspen Snowmass have some competition! Innsbruck is hailed as the cultural centre of western Austria, and is a substantially tourist based economy. Although the snow is what brings many visitors to Aspen, it is perhaps the cultural events that Aspen is best know for and most proud of. The Ideas Festival, the Food & Wine Classic, the McCloskey Speaker Series, the Labor Day Festival, and the Aspen Music Festival are just some of the world renowned attractions that Aspen hosts throughout the summer. Known for their many historic churches and chapels, several world class museums and their ‘Festwochen der Alten Musik’ (Weeks of Ancient Music), Innsbruck’s cultural philosophy seems to mesh consistently with Aspen. Some 19 miles south of Innsbruck lies the Brenner Pass – a major transportation and communications link dating as far back as 1267. Although nowhere near as old, Independence Pass crosses the Continental Divide approximately 20 miles east of Aspen. Primarily established to give miners and prospectors access to more fertile valleys, Independence Pass was a large contributor to the success of Aspen in a not dissimilar way to how the Brenner Pass allowed Innsbruck to grow and flourish. Innsbruck literally means “bridge over the River Inn”. Although there is no bridge that The Innsbruck crosses and no river that The Innsbruck straddles, I think you will agree that there are enough similarities between the western Austrian town and our beautiful home in Aspen to justify the permanent link of our name. *Credit to Wikipedia for all information sourced.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Thursday Night Concerts In Snowmass

Every Thursday evening throughout the summer, the town of Snowmass puts on a free concert. The stage is located on the ski run known as Fanny Hill, and forms one of the most spectacular backdrops for a concert you will ever see – the stage is erected such that the view down to the valley floor below is squarely behind the entertainers! The music varies from week to week; however the overarching theme is of good times for all present. From laid back rock grooves to jam bands and psychedelic soul to country stomp, the performers always have a knack for feeling out the crowd and giving them what they want. Typically there’s a good contingent of people dancing up front, not to be put off by plenty of people on the hill behind them taking in all the action from the comfort of their picnic blankets and camping chairs. As the Aspen/Snowmass website puts it, bring a blanket or low lawn chair and a picnic basket of finger foods for the ultimate al fresco experience. Beer and wine are available for purchase at inexpensive prices; grilled foods are also offered. A Family Fun Zone entertains kids with anything from a bouncy house to face painting, juggling and more. A starting time of 6:15pm also ensures it’s an all inclusive, family friendly affair. There is free parking at the Snowmass Rodeo lot, although the preferred method of transport is RFTA – the public transport system runs free buses out to Snowmass regularly and departs frequently throughout the evening to bring you safely home. Looking for something different on a Thursday night? Keen to have a good time? Need a break from the Aspen restaurant scene? Enjoy live music and feel like dancing? Care for a relaxing evening on a picnic blanket soaking up the sunset? Try the Snowmass Concert Series - It will be a memorable evening had by all regardless of whether you want to chill out or dance up a storm all night!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Care to hike Aspen Mountain with me?

I’m glad we got to the Ute trail early – it’s going to be a warm one! Did you bring a water bottle? Great. Camelbak? Even better! You brought some trail mix too? Not a bad idea - we’re going to need some energy, this hike is exhausting! We begin with The Ute Trail. Ascending over 1000 vertical feet in approximately one mile means we’re going to be climbing some steep switchbacks. Watch your footing as this well defined trail has some uneven sections, although for the most part there is good grip under foot. We start by climbing through some low bushes and almost instantly we’re out of breath. Don’t forget our starting elevation is 7,908 feet above sea level, meaning workouts here in Aspen are much tougher than you might think! Soon enough we get some respite in the shade of pine trees. Start sipping that water – once you’re thirsty it’s already too late to maintain proper hydration. Let’s take our time given we’ve got a long way to go! Ute rock marks approximately one third of the hike completed. This is a great rest stop and is the usual turnaround for those seeking a quick workout - you’ll see a lot of locals hiking the Ute trail as it can conveniently be completed on a lunch break. How about that view? From Independence pass all the way down valley, perched high above the downtown core, you can really begin to appreciate how snugly our little town is tucked into these mountains! Onwards and upwards! This next section is tough, with further switchbacks through the trees. You can begin to make out some of the extreme terrain that’s on offer for skiers & snowboarders during the winter season. We emerge from the trees onto a ski run known as Jackpot and begin our climb up onto Gent’s Ridge. A little respite comes in the form of a relatively flat dirt service road, but this won’t last long. As we pass the chairlift affectionately known as “The Couch” for its slow speeds – as in, sit down and make yourself comfortable, this might take a while! - the service road becomes steeper. The good news is we’re two thirds done! Now is not a bad time to stop for a quick snack to regain some energy. Keep those fluids up too, and don’t forget to admire the views back toward the valley floor! The last third of this hike is relentless. The legs are tired and the lungs are hurting, but you can sense you’re almost there! When you reach another dirt road crossing your path, the temptation is to make a turn and enjoy some flatter terrain. We’re not going down that road, though. We’re going to take the single track right in front of us that continues directly up the hill! Soon enough we begin to see the Frisbee Golf Course and people that have ridden the Silver Queen Gondola to the top – which means they have walked down to this point! We can’t be too far away now! Sure enough, there it is! The Sundeck! We’ve made it to the top of Aspen Mountain – an elevation gain of 3304 vertical feet over approximately 3 miles! Less than two hours is a commendable time - Congratulations! Let’s soak in the views, enjoy some lunch and take a free gondola ride back down into town. Can you believe you hiked all the way up here? Enjoy that afternoon nap – you earned it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There’s a certain hustle and bustle that a lot of tourists from the big cities bring to Aspen, but that is not the pace at which Aspen operates. Aspen has a slower, more relaxed pace. As someone fortunate enough to live in Aspen year round, I enjoy seeing visitors adjust their attitudes upon arrival. It may take a day or two, but almost everyone adjusts to the understanding that there is more to life than an iPhone and a conference call. Almost without fail people begin to take note of their surroundings: The great outdoors. Art & culture. Life itself. In order to appreciate this, it requires a slower pace and more human connection. If “please” and “thank you” makes the world go around, the Earth orbits Aspen. There’s something special about Aspen. It takes a minute to pick up on it, but once you realize what it is, it’s hard to forget. It’s the size of a small town, and has the population of a small town, but Aspen is so much more than that. Aspen is the place where people duck into the grocery store to grab one item and instead spend 20 minutes catching up with their neighbor. Aspen is the place where people thank the bus driver as they alight. Aspen is the place where people wave at each other from across the street rather than walk on by. Aspen is the place where people from all walks of life volunteer for all causes. Aspen is a small yet strong community, within the larger community encompassing the Roaring Fork Valley. Aspen is special. People are more aware of their surroundings and more considerate of others here. People genuinely care about each other. There is a common sense of purpose – we all know, understand and respect why each of us have chosen to make Aspen our home, or at least a regular vacation destination for the family. It’s why Aspen is more than a town - it’s a village. A word of caution though - stay too long and you’ll be hooked. Ask most locals – “You come for the winter and you stay for the summer” is a common expression. “I only came for one ski season and I’ve been here [insert large number] years…” is a common story. Come visit Aspen. I’m sure your vacation here will end too soon. Don’t be surprised to find yourself making time to stop and smell the Colorado wildflowers along the way.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farmers Market and Bluegrass on Aspen!

This week we would like to highlight two weekly events that everyone looks forward to in Aspen. For starters, there is the Aspen Farmers Market, which takes place every Saturday from 9 AM until 3 PM. The market takes place on a portion of E. Hopkins Ave. between Galena and S. Hunter. The market features all sorts of fresh Colorado produce and meats, flowers, jewelry, artisan works, and much more. The Farmers Market has been growing at an impressive clip since its inception due to its popularity with locals and visitors alike, and a growing awareness of the benefits of sourcing locally whenever possible. Strollers are treated to live music while they look around at all the wonderful goods. Fresh food is the perfect way to feed your active Aspen lifestyle! Once again, this great weekly event will be taking place every Saturday until October. Next up we would like to introduce you to Blue Grass Sundays atop Aspen Mountain. This event will take place every Sunday until September 4th from noon until 3 P.M. There is no cost for admission as this is an open air event taking place just outside the Sundeck Restaurant with sweeping views of the incredible Elk Mountains. There is a cost to ride the Gondola, though you can circumvent this expense if you are feeling ambitious, by hiking to the top and riding the Gondola down for free. In addition to the free concert, there are other activities up top, such as disk golf, euro bungee, a rock wall, an obstacle course, a sand box, and a free guided nature walk compliments of the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. The nature walks leave every hour, on the hour, from 11 AM to 3 PM. This nature walk is 45 minutes in duration. The walk goes out on Richmond Ridge from the top of Aspen Mountain. It focuses on educating people about “the native trees, birds, and animals that thrive in the high alpine environment.” Food and beverages can be purchased at the Sundeck or you can pack some of the fresh goods you bought the day before at the Farmers Market. See you out there!

Monday, May 28, 2012

June In Aspen

Summer has arrived early in Aspen as weeks of warm temperatures and sunny skies have quickly melted the winter snowpack. June is an exceptional time to visit Aspen, especially with the weather we've been having this Spring! There are many great events taking place this June including Chili and Brew Fest, The Food and Wine Classic, and the start to the Aspen Music Festival and School’s concert season, just to name a few. At this time, we would like to profile The Chili and Brew Fest since it’s just around the corner! Chili and Brew Fest is set to take place on the weekend of June 8-9. Chili and Brew Fest is a celebration of Chili, Micro Brewed beer, and Music. This event is great for people of all ages. Though due to the fact that food will be served, festival goers are asked to leave their four-legged friends at home. Contestants from all over the country (in addition to some local hopefuls) are set to compete in a chili cook-off in both a green and red chili category, as well as a salsa category. In the same spirit of friendly competition, 30 brewers are set to compete in a summer ale competition, in addition to showcasing some of their other offerings. Festival goers are of course encouraged to sample the goods while they take in the beautiful scenery and live music. The music lineup for Friday consists of Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars at 4:30 P.M followed by The Congress at 6:00 P.M. For Saturday’s event, Galactic is set to take the stage at 1:00 P.M. followed by Gogol Bordello at 6:00 P.M. For further information, please visit . We have some great early booking specials in effect for both June and the summer as a whole. To view our current early booking specials, please visit our website: Thanks for reading! -The Innsbruck Staff

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

It’s always a little sad when the end of ski season is just around the corner. Although when the weather is as nice as it’s been lately it’s hard not to be excited about all of our favorite spring and summer activities. Much like the rest of the U.S.A, we have experienced a prolonged period of near record temperatures and minimal precipitation over the last few weeks. The ski conditions held up very well due to the hard work of the Aspen Skiing Company’s efforts to preserve the slopes and most reports from guests said that they had a great time and enjoyed the weather. The early start to spring has put the entire Roaring Fork Valley way ahead of schedule in terms of the breadth of outdoor recreation available. As of today a visitor of Aspen would have the option of skiing/snowboarding, road biking, mountain biking, climbing, golfing, hiking, rafting, climbing, or snowshoeing. All of Aspen’s most popular road biking destinations are completely clear and as you can imagine, they are not busy compared to peak season. Reports from local fishing enthusiasts say that the fishing is excellent from Carbondale to Aspen, and beyond. In fact, while writing this post, our mail carrier, Gary, just informed us that he caught 6 nice fish yesterday in an hour and a half on the Roaring Fork River just outside of Aspen. As far as mountain biking goes, all the popular rides in Basalt and Carbondale are completely dry and in great shape. Many of the popular mountain bike rides in Aspen are still snow covered or too muddy to ride, though many people have been riding up Smuggler and a ways beyond just to get a good workout. For all the hikers out there, both Sunnyside and Smuggler are completely dry. We need to do some more reconnaissance to be sure, but we guess that Sunnyside may possibly be dry up to four corners which is a fantastic hike that’s not usually useable until mid to late May. As previously stated it’s always sad to see winter leave a ski town, though now we have other fun activities to look forward to. There is a reason that there is a saying in town the many locals “came for the winter, but stayed for the summers.”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Highlands Bowl

The Bowl at Aspen Highlands provides what is unquestionably one of the best “in bounds” riding experiences in the world. We have talked to guests who are lucky enough to have skied all over the world who have said that the bowl provided one of their most memorable skiing or riding experiences. As many of you know already, the bowl is only accessible by hiking, and it’s not a particularly easy one at that. There is a snow cat available to get you past the first part of the hike, which would save on average 15 minutes or so of hiking. This still leaves you with about 30-45 minutes of high-altitude hiking in ski or snowboard boots. The hike itself discourages enough people from making the trek that the bowl is always the least “bumped out” part of all of Aspen’s four mountains. The bowl also usually gets more snowfall than other parts of the mountains both because of its elevation and also because, well, it’s a bowl. As a bowl, it has wide range of aspects which will usually mean that at least one area in the bowl is “wind loaded” meaning much more snow has built up than the ski report would indicate. When you combine the low traffic with high snowfall, the bowl almost always impresses anyone who gets to ride it. If the snow is good on other parts of the mountain, it’s great in the bowl. What is most important about the bowl, however, is the incredible amount of work that goes into making it a safe adventure. It essentially provides a back country experience without the significant risk involved with back country riding. As soon as there is a foot or more of snow, Highlands ski patrol along with an army of volunteers literally walk up and down the bowl to boot pack the early season snow. This helps create stable layers of snow that serve to mitigate what would otherwise be very dangerous avalanche conditions. Then, throughout the season, the ski patrol spends lots of time and money on the bowl to make sure it’s safe. They continually boot pack, cut the snow into zig zag patterns to decrease the size of a potential slide, and bomb fresh snow causing it to slide under controlled conditions. It’s pretty incredible that the bowl offers powder skiing on 40+ degree slopes while keeping the risk of an avalanche exceptionally low. Hiking the bowl is not for everyone. But for those who are ready and able it provides great memories, lasting motivation to stay in peak condition, and perhaps the best run of their life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter X-Games 2012

Today is the first official day of the 2012 Winter X-Games in Aspen Colorado! Much like years past X-Games are set to bring snow to the mountains of Aspen as we have 7-10” of snow in the forecast for Thursday night through mid-morning on Friday. As always, the various courses and obstacles, from Superpipe and Slopestyle to the snowmobile courses are incredibly impressive, even from as far away as the highway. The entertainment factor and energy of the X-Games is through the roof. But what separates it from other more conventional sporting events is the guarantee that at least one athlete will set a new standard in their said sport, which in turn makes their competitors react so that they are able to stay competitive. This is perhaps why every year we all ask “what will they do next?” This year’s events of course have a special meaning and unusual gravity in comparison to years past due to the untimely and tragic passing of one of the biggest icons in the skiing industry, Sarah Burke. Her legacy will be honored throughout the weekend. To view the schedule of the weekend’s events, go to: .
Another aspect of the X-Games that adds to the excitement of the weekend is music. This weekend at The Bellyup, which is Aspen’s premier live music venue, big acts such as Nas, Deadmau5, The All American Rejects, and Sebastian Ingrosso will all be putting on performances. In addition to these concerts, Awolnation will be putting on a free concert at the base of Aspen Mountain on Saturday, January 28th at 5:30 PM. The concert is timed so as not to conflict with any X-Games events. All in all it should be a great weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aspen: More Than Just Skiing

While Aspen is best known for its ski slopes, what truly distinguishes it from other ski resorts is its historic town and abundance of things to do if one decides they need a day off from skiing or snowboarding. Even the most dedicated skier or boarder will need a day off from time to time. Fear not! Aspen has plenty of great activities both cultural and physical, that don’t involve buying a lift ticket (yes, even in the winter). There is of course always the option of perusing Aspen’s famous shopping scene, or eating at one of the many world class restaurants, or checking out one of the many art galleries. But for those of you that still want to experience the great outdoors on your day off from the slopes, opportunities abound. Believe it or not, winter is a favorite time of year for dedicated anglers. Not only is the fishing still fantastic, but crowds are nearly non-existent. While the cold can be a challenge, the right equipment and proper guidance can make winter Fly Fishing a very pleasant experience. Much like Fly Fishing, people think of Aspen’s hiking trails as a strictly warm weather pursuit. What many don’t realize is that with a good pair of boots and stabilizers, or some snowshoes, most of Aspen’s most popular hiking trails lend themselves well to winter hiking. There is nothing quite like watching a winter sunrise over Aspen from your favorite hiking trail! Aspen has quickly become well known for the miles and miles of free Nordic skiing trails. From the impeccably maintained municipal golf course and Rio Grande trails, to the back-country, Aspen has something to offer for all levels of Nordic skiers. If your body truly needs a rest, yet you still want to get outside, Snowmobile tours with the T-Lazy 7 ranch are a great option. These tours will take you through the stunning Maroon Creek valley just outside of Aspen. Another popular activity is to take a guided snowshoe tour with the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. These tours depart from the summit of Aspen Mountain every day at 10:00 and 1:00 pm. The two hour tour costs $57 for adults, $45 for youths (13-27) and $35 for children (7-12) and seniors (65+). This ticket price includes the gondola ride to the top and back, beautiful scenery, snowshoes, a knowledgeable guide, and basic snowshoe instruction. Not only are these tours an invigorating way to experience the outdoors, they are also very informative. Guides with The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies are trained educators equipped with a vast knowledge of local geographic history, wildlife, and human history. So as you can see, Aspen has a lot more to offer than lift-serviced skiing!