Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter X-Games 2011

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start preparing for the ESPN Winter X-Games, but make no mistake; the date is fast approaching when Aspen will be overrun with energy and excitement nearly unmatched by any other event that passes through this mountain town. This year’s Winter X-Games will be the 15th consecutive X-Games competition (the last 10 of which were in Aspen). The official dates of the competition are 1/27-1/30. As in years past, this event promises to not disappoint. Much of the allure of “extreme” sports and their associated competition is how fast the sports progress. It’s not uncommon for a trick that was once thought to be nearly impossible to become standard practice for top competitors. Only time will tell to what level the bar will be pushed this year, but it’s safe to say that spectators will see things that have yet to be seen before. This years event will be complete with mainstays of years past such as Slope Style snowboard and skiing (men and women), Super Pipe snowboarding and skiing (men and women), skiing and snowboarding Big Air (men) snowboard and skier x (men and women) and snowmobile SnowCross and Best Trick. Some notable additions to this year’s competition are The “Snowboard Best Method” and “Snowmobile Speed and Style.” The Snowboard Best Method will feature a “finals only 10-minute jam for best method.” The results for this event will be decided via fans through text messaging and the internet. The Snowmobile Speed and Style “will feature eight athletes competing in a single elimination format with two riders competing head-to-head. Both riders will feature a Freestyle ‘style’ score. The first rider across the finish line receives ‘speed’ margin of victory bonus points which will be added to the Freestyle score.” In addition to the action packed extreme sports, on Saturday, 1/29 there will be a concert featuring the hip hop artist Big Boi. Oh yeah, don’t forget that all of the events associated with the 2011 Winter X-Games are FREE!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Innsbruck Aspen Winter 2011 Photo Contest

The Innsbruck Aspen Winter 2011 Photo Contest

WHEN: Starting on 1/2/ 11 we will begin accepting submissions for the contest. The contest ends on February 28th, so all submissions must be submitted by then in order to qualify.

RULES: The rules are simple. All photos pertaining to your time in and around Aspen are fair game for the contest. Photos must be documented in such a way that we can contact you if your photo is the winner.

HOW: Photos must be submitted via The Innsbruck Aspen’s Facebook page. We will then collect the photos for judging once the contest is complete. Simply search for “The Innsbruck Aspen” on Facebook or click on our Facebook tab on our

WHY: Now for the good part! The person(s) with the winning photograph will receive a FREE 2 night stay in one of The Innsbruck’s 1 bedroom/1 bathroom condos.

*There are restrictions due to blackout dates and availability.